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Barb Campbell Researching UFO Activity in Saskatchewan

World, meet Barb Campbell, Barb Campbell, world.

According to a story on CBC News, Campbell is researching the resurgence of UFO sightings on the northern part of Waterhen Lake in Saskatchewan where people have reported strange lights in the sky and close encounters for years.

Here’s what some of the reporting parties have had to say…
– “It’s kind of like a Frisbee, two Frisbees on top of another, like an orange in the middle.”

– “They were UFOs. They couldn’t be anything else.”

– “I don’t know what it was but it was beautiful.”

Sighting in Selby

Does this look like a picture of an alien spaceship? Some residents of Selby think so.

According a story that appeared at, Selby, England resident Jody Holden snapped that photograph with UFO enthusiast Russell Kellett and described it as “one of the most powerful UFO images ever captured”.

The two, who are also members of the British UFO Hunters society, spotted the object hovering over Brayton Barff a month ago. “At first Jody looked and thought it was an aeroplane, but on closer inspection he saw it was a saucer with a two-tier effect,” Kellett said.

UFO Hacker Interviewed

Gary McKinnon, dubbed as the notorious “UFO Hacker” who hacked into US military and NASA computer databases in search of UFO evidence, appeared in an interview with BBC News today.

You can view it online by going here as long as you have the Windows Media Player.

Here’s a taste of some of the more interesting tidbits…

– “I think it’s the biggest kept secret in the world…”

– “I read 400 expert witness testimonies ranging from civilan air traffic controllers through military radar operators, all the way up to guys who were in charge of whether or not to launch nuclear missiles, very credible people. They all said there are UFOs, there are aliens.”

– “Unauthorized access is wrong…well, firstly because of what I was looking for, I think I was morally correct, even though I regret it now.”

UFO Spotted Off South African Coast

Sometime over the weekend, several people in Port Shepstone claim they witnessed a UFO crash into the sea.

According to, the crash happened sometime on Sunday and “numerous” eye-witnesses reported seeing it, but so far nothing that would even confirm that a plane actually crashed has been found.

Several of the witnesses who were attending a local sporting event from a nearby high school saw smoke and “water exploding.” Some said they even saw flames.

So far, the eyewitness accounts make it sound like a typical aircraft, but the interesting part is that, so far, no wreckage has been found. So the National Sea Rescue Institute is still classifying this as a UFO.

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