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Eyewitness Who Saw Kecksburg UFO Up Close Interviewed

This is a replica of a UFO better, known as the Kecksburg UFO.

According to the American Chronicle, people in Pennsylvania and as far away as Canada reported seeing an “amazing object” streak across the sky before it crash landed in a ravine in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania back in 1965.

Officials said the object was nothing more than a meteor, but there were several witnesses who saw the UFO including one who walked down to the site of the landing just moments after it landed up close. You can hear his testimony at

According to the audio interview, the eyewitness said, “When I saw it, I had never seen anything move like that in my life. It was making 90-degree turns. It was here, then there.”

Sightings Pick Up After Slow Year

Apparently in 2005, North America wasn’t the hotbed of UFO activity that it usually is. But all of that changed this year.

According to an article from Houston Today posted at, the HBCC Research web site has been getting a ton of reports of sightings from across the country so far, and we’re not even halfway through 2006.

The last three weeks, he’s been getting a ton of reports from his own backyard of Houston.

Three witnesses reported seeing a green object rise above the mountain, dash across the sky then disappear. A week before, two reports came from Topley and Moricetown of very similar incidents on the evening of April 24. And on Feb 12, three people from Houston reported watching an egg-shaped object hover above Mount Harry Davis for two or three minutes before dropping out of sight.

Sighting in Reading

It looks like there’s more than fog looming over the British skies.

According to the Reading Evening Post, several witnesses claimed to have seen a “mysterious green ball” and even more spotting a “glowing red Ball” just a few days later on April 19 and 26 respectively.

The story doesn’t offer much detail on the recent sightings. Instead, it accounts the witnesses’ previous UFO sighting experiences.

If you witnessed either of these events, send us your own descriptions or accounts by emailing us at

Roswell, Are You Ready to Rock?

Ah Roswell, N.M. Where would we be without it? Well, we wouldn’t have the New Mexico Military Institute who shaped the minds of people like Roger Staubauch and Sam Donaldson. We wouldn’t have people like Billy the Kid and events like the Lincoln County War in our history. And we certainly would have as much cheese and and skim milk since it’s the “Dairy Capital of the Southwest.”

But for the purposes of this blog, Roswell is home to the most famous alien encounter on the planet.

And on June 30th, you can commemorate this history moment in “Covered Up History” by attending the 2006 Roswell UFO Festival.

This, mind you, isn’t some backwoods county fair with a Tilt-a-Whirl and Meat-on-a-Stick by the pound. This is a serious gathering of UFO enthusiasts and experts with a little fun mixed in for flavor. You’ll hear lectures from experts such as Roswell authors Donald Schmitt and Thomas Carey, learn abour crop circles and abductions and be treated to a live concert by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. I asked if Roswell was ready to rock.

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