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Theorists Don’t Buy MoD’s Denial

Remember that British report from the Ministry of Defence awhile back that said there was not a single piece of evidence that could support the existence of UFOs? Most UFO believers aren’t buying it, according to a story at (This just in, scientists announced that grass is green, cows don’t give chocolate milk and all of Clay Aiken’s music sucks.)

David Clarke, a journalist who filed freedom of information requests that sparked the original MoD report, seems to be leading the wave of believers, saying, “They’ve got the truth, but it’s not what they want to hear.”

But Nick Pope, a MoD officials insists there’s no cover-up to uncover. “In Britain, I’m convinced there’s no cover-up, there’s no conspiracy…”But I can’t win with arguments like that, because whatever I say, they won’t believe it.”

Oh Soo, Can You See?

More sightings were reported this week, this time back on American soil in Michigan. reports that several residents made reports to police about an unidentified object floating in the sky Wednesday night.

The story says the residents reported the object hovering over East 7th Avenue in the Soo Township in the 1000 block of E. 7th Street. They reportedly said it hovered silently in the sky for almost an hour before disappearing in the nighttime sky.

What’s interesting is this wasn’t just an isolated sighting. Several neighbors reported seeing the object as well and gave a similar description of it.

UFO Spotted During Grantham Carnival

Grantham is just becoming a hot bed of activity for us lately. This is what a photographer took in the skies over the Grantham last Saturday, according to the Grantham Journal.

Ray Gilbert, the amateur photographer, said when he zooms in on it, the object “has a flat top and a red rim around it,” according to the story.

Ray also claims that he’s seen a UFO on a trip to London, but noted that this was the only one he has seen with a mysterious red dot on it.

“I know it’s a UFO and I’m wondering if anyone else saw the same thing,” he said in the story. Presents Top 10 UFO Hoaxes

Since we’re on a roll this week, roll on over to their website and check out their list of the Top 10 Debunked UFOs.

Here’s a preview…
10 – Aliens Engineered the Great Pyramids — The Egyptians were smarter than most people would like to think and several magazines and authors have offered plausible conjectures as to how they were built that don’t involve little green men with tractor beams.

6 – The Face on Mars — It’s just a crater on another planet that sort of looks like a face, not aliens. Get over it.

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