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UFOs: Are They Worth It?

Millions of people spend long nights looking up at the sky and trying desparately to find signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe short of building their own rocketship out of an old refridgerator and flying it to Mars on nothing but kerosene and hope. But after spending all that time wondering, looking and hoping, asks, is it all worth it?

Senior Space Writer Leonard David speaks to some UFO experts and organizations who say that new technology will help them prove their existence and show their importance to mankind. But he also talked to several aviation and scientific experts who state that scientifically it’s all based on tradition and not fact and the hope that one day, the world will reveal that UFOs do exist but that will never happen.

Here’s some of the more interesting quotes from the articles:
– “Physics is leading to new and potentially paradigm shifting understandings about the nature of our universe and its physical properties. These understandings may point the way towards an acceptance of the probability of interstellar travel and communication by spacefaring races.” – Ted Roe, Executive Director of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP).

– “UFO believers are convinced that the existence of UFOs will be revealed ‘any day now’. But it’s like Charlie Brown and the football: No matter how many times Lucy pulls the football away—or the promised ‘disclosure’ fails to happen—they’re dead-certain that the next time will be their moment of glory.” – Robert Sheaffer, fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, UFO writer

– “I can’t think of a single, major science museum that has alien artifacts on display. Contrast this paucity of physical evidence with what the American Indians could have shown you fifty years after Christopher Columbus first violated their sea-space. They could have shown you all sorts of stuff—including lots of smallpox-infested brethren—as proof that they were being ‘visited.” – Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute

UFO Hacker Tells What He Found to Wired

Gary McKinnon, better known in press circles as the “UFO Hacker,” told Wired News in a phone interview exactly what he found when he hacked his way into U.S. NASA and military computers in search of UFO proof.

According to the interview, he claims he found all the proof he’ll ever need that governments not only know that UFOs exist, but are using the technology to their own advantage.

He claims he saw unaltered photos of high-resolution satellite images containing images of UFOs that had been airbrushed out before they were released to the public. He also claims governments have suppressed the use of anti-gravity devices, free energy or “zero-point energy” and other “UFO related technologies.”

Of course, it’s possible that all this disclosure about UFO proof is just a rouze for his defense. But you gotta admit, it’s interesting. Read the interview and decide for yourself.

Earth Specimen Could Prove Existence of Life on Other Planets

A glacier in the High Arctic could hold an important clue to whether or not life exists on other planets.

According to CBC News, Geologist Benoit Beauchamp stumbled across a glacier during an oil hunting expedition that contained bacteria that adapted to a harsh cold environment.

So what does this have to do with ET? Well, if this bacteria can live in such cold, sub-zero temperatures, that means life could exist on planets like Jupiter’s moon, Europa, where the temperatures are just as cold.

The expedition is being funded by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, which starts June 21.

Sightings Investigated in Waterhen Lake

There must be a long to-do list for the Saskatchewan Paranormal Research Centre in Maidstone these days.

According to a story in the Meadow Lake Progress, several witnesses noticed some “strange phenomena” near Waterhen Lake.

Local UFO hunter Barb Campbell said 75 percent of the people in the town witnesses the disturbance, and an amateur photographer caught five to eight objects on film.

She also noted that UFOs seems to be spotted near bodies of water. Perhaps a deviant plot to steal our water supply is underway?

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