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UFO Chase that Led to Pilot’s Death Proved to Be Balloon

Some sad news from the world of UFOlogy: it turns that a Kentucky National Guard pilot who died while chasing a UFO was actually just chasing a skyhook balloon.

According to WFIE Channel 14 in Evansville, In., Thomas Mantell died in 1948 after his plane crashed in a field in Simpson County while he was chasing “a metallic object…of tremendous size.” But the military uncovered new evidence that said it was just a skyhook balloon that other people mistook for a UFO.

Of course, the UFO aficionados reopened the case and said the balloon theory was impossible because bluebook records show the balloon was in Nashville, over 150 yards away from where anyone could have seen it. So folks, who’s right here?

UFOlogists Fail to Summon Dead Alien Hottie

Here’s one of the weirder stories we’ve come across on the web and remember, I get paid to read stories on UFOs: a Kamberg Valley community were unable to summon Ayling, the son of local woman Elizabeth Klarer and her alien paramour, Akon, from the planet Meton.

According to a story in the Mail & Guardian online, UFOlogists visited the KwaZulu-Natal’s Kamberg Valley because according to the legend, Klarer claims, “she had been visited and seduced by Akon, a tall Aryan type. In 1956, she says, she spent four months with him on Meton, a planet circling the nearest star to Earth, Alpha Centauri, where she gave birth to a galactic cross-breed.

“Klarer’s account, alongside that of Brazilian Antonio Vilas Boas — who claimed that, in 1957, he was forced aboard a UFO, tested, injected with a serum (Venusian Viagra?) and then rogered by an insatiable, statuesque blonde alien for several hours — is among the most widely quoted by ufologists and alien contactees.”

Excuse me, I need an Advil.

NURC Moving Into Missile Site

The National UFO Reporting Center will be moving into a retired missile silo in Eastern Washington, according to their website.

The site, located in eastern Washington, is a decommissioned U.S. Air Force base that housed ICBM missiles and was the first underground missile complex commissioned by the U.S. government.

According to a press release on their website, it will take NURC nearly a year to clean and renovate the new facility, but reports can still be made at the Reporting Center’s original number (206-722-3000) until the new phone system is up and running. All sightings reported must have occurred within the last week of the phone call.

Apollo 11 Astronauts May Have Seen UFO

Here’s some of the most shocking UFO news we’ve read in a long while, and I once heard that Cher saw a UFO on the set of “Moonstruck”: the Apollo 11 astronauts may have witnessed an unidentified flying object on their way to landing on the moon.

But did this info come from some lone conspiracy nut who posts anonymous ramblings on a corner of the Internet from his basement? Nope, this came from Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo 11 astronaut himself.

According to a new TV documentary on BBC Channel 5, Aldrin said they reported seeing something but were careful not to talk about because it could have ruined the mission and that space agency heads did their best to cover it up after the mission was over.

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