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Sighting in Auckland, N.Z.

Look up Auckland, there’s something in the sky.

According to, several Aucklians…Aucklinians…people from Auckland spotted a UFO in the skies above the Viaduct Basin and one person obtained footage of it.

The story said the photo has been sent to New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Author and Ministry of Defense to see if they can identify it to confirm its UFO status.

Son of Roswell Air Force Pilot Saw Wrecked Craft

Jesse Marcel’s family has a secret and he’s ready to tell it: the Roswell spacecraft was real.

How does he know that? His old man was on the cleanup crew.

Marcel said to that he not only saw part of the mysterious spacecraft that landed in Roswell, he actually held part of it in his hands.

These and other revelations are explored in detail in his new book, “Roswell: It Really Happened” and at the Denver International UFO Symposium.

UFO Videos Captured from Down Under

Say G’Day mate to 12 videos of flying UFOs captured from Australia.

These videos, taken from both the ground and the air, featuring flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects zooming through the Australian skies during the day and night.

Some of them look like they might be authentic. Others look too clean and detailed to be real. But that’s the sad thing about modern technology when it comes to UFOs. Back when the most expensive piece of equipment your average schmo could own, it’s been harder to tell which are the fake and the real McCoys with just the naked eye. Either way, judge for yourself.

UFO Photographer Rex Heflin Interviewed

Traffic Investigator Rex Heflin was in Orange County, Calif. on Aug. 3, 1965 with his trusty Polaroid camera photographing some tree limbs for his job. But what he took a picture of that day would change his life forever.

The man caught several photographs of a low flying “hovering” object from his pickup truck. The local newspaper had them printed and eventually caught the attention of military officials from NORAD.

In this video interview on YouTube, he talks about what happened that fateful day, how he lost the pictures and how he mysteriously got them back. You can also see more of his pictures by clicking here.

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