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Alien Abductee Claims to Have ‘Proof’ of UFOs

Craig Jacocks might sound like your average alien abductee, but he claims he has one thing that others don’t have regarding their out-of-this-world experiences: proof.

According to a press release, Jacocks has released a new book called “Aware of their Presence” about his lifelong experiences with abduction and proof that he is actually being tagged, bagged and released by the aliens.

The release says the abductions started when he was a young child and what effect they have had on his life. So far, the only “proof” in the release is that a doctor found two “needle-like” objects in his body, which Jacocks believes to be tracking devices. He even said they have made electronic appliances go haywire whenever he is around them.

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UFO Hacker to Be Extradited to U.S.

It looks like time is starting to run out for the UFO Hacker.

According to, England’s Gary McKinnon has until July 18 to file an appeal on the extradition papers signed by British Home Secretary John Reid that would send him to America to trial.

McKinnon faces charges of gaining unauthorized access to American data systems by hacking into military and NASA computers. He claims he broke into the systems because he was searching for (and found, according to previous interviews with Wired Magazine and the BBC) evidence of UFOs and the government’s secret use of their technologies.

World UFO Day Celebrated in South Africa

South Africa joined in World UFO Day this week at the Unbind Your Mind conference where UFOlogist Cristo Louw talked about the large UFO presence in their own back yard.

The head of the South African UFO Resource Organization said there are at least 50 people in the area who claim to have had UFO experiences or sightings, and even claimed the SA Air Force shot down an alleged UFO near the Botswana border.

He also talked about a theory that’s new to me: “star kids” – kids born on Earth from alien cultures who have comprehensive solutions to global problems.

Louw also told the conference attendees that he has adressed these and a world of other UFO concepts to President Thabo Mbeki, but he has yet to receive a response.

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