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Missing Jet From Kinross UFO Found?

Could a F-89 Scorpion jet that disappeared in 1953 be part of a massive UFO conspiracy?

According to, a dive company in Michigan may have found the remains of the famed f-89 Scorpion jet that disappeared from radar after scrambling to intercept a UFO almost 50 years ago?

The company has a photo of the wreckage on the newspaper’s website and also claims it found part of whatever the jet was chasing. Was it part of a UFO or just a tragic accident with a bizarre set of circumstances?

UFO Caught on Camera in British Columbia

This is a close up of what Mark Mann of somewhere in British Columbia caught on his camera on Aug. 20, 2006.

According to UFO Digest, Mann has captured a lot of UFOs on camera and this one is just another in his collection, but it seems be very suspicious.

He claims on the UFO Digest website in his comments that he cannot see any wings on the aircraft, it made no sounds as it whizzed by and it moved very fast since he took two shots and the UFO only caught it on one.

Crop Circles Found in Illinois

Are crop circles proof that UFOs exist or that people who live near corn fields have too much time and booze on their hands?

According to FOX 28, the South Bend, Ind. affiliate, a farmer in Illinois found a crop circle formation in his soybean field. He said they appear to be perfectly formed, but he doesn’t know what caused them.

Crop circles are a sticky subject when it comes to the realm of UFOlogy. Most of them are hoaxes made by people with nothing better to do. Others are unexplained. Here’s the most comprehensive site we could find on man made crop circles:

Shropshire Sees ‘UFO’ Lights

No photos or video was taken, but according to the Shropshire Star, some locals saw some strange lights in the sky.

Two mysterious looking UFOs were spotted recently in the English county racing silently across the sky by several people.

The “unusual bright lights” were in the evening hours and were spotted by several people in two areas of the county including a police officer.

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