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New Zealanders Spot UFOs

No photos this time, but some folks from down under have spotted stranger things in the sky, too.

According to the New Zealand Herald, several people reported sightings in Manawatu described as lights that moved around at very high speeds. One person even described the lights as objects that “seemed to violate the laws of physics.”

The only explanation comes from the Wellington Observatory who said it could have been bright, low hanging star.

Scots Spot Saucers

Attention Aberdeen, you are the new Roswell.

According to This is Northern, a photographer captured what he believed to be a UFO.

The story, which didn’t include the picture on the website, describes the UFO as “orange lights” that resemble balloons. So far, a total of eight people witnessed the UFO in Aberdeen, according to an unnamed Canadian UFO sighting monitoring website.

SETI Accused of Cover-Up

For years, the SETI program (SETI stands for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”) has been scouring every corner of the globe for proof of alien life. Now they may have found it. So why aren’t they releasing it?

According to The Register, alien aficionados have been flooding the SETI Institute with e-mails and phone calls chastizing them after allegations were made on the radio show “Coast to Coast with Art Bell” that SETI found some proof, but hasn’t released it to the public.

Professional SETI watcher Steven Greer, the CEO of Space Energy Access Systems, claimed that insiders told him SETI found “high concentrations of signals from space, and that another organization stepped in to block those signals.”

“They were apparently searching in a spectrum or in an area . . . where they hit the mother lode,” Greer said. “The signals were so numerous that they began to have their systems externally jammed by some sort of human agency that did not want them to continue receiving those signals.”

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