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Ministry of Defence Covers Up UFO Investigative Unit

MoDHere’s some big news in the UFO world: the British government has been investigating UFOs since the 1970s.

The Associated Press discovered Britain’s Ministry of Defence has been trying to hide their investigative work according to a report released to the Guardian.

A defence official, who refused to identify himself, said the unit was designed to investigate Soviet activity or invasions during the height of the Cold War, not flying saucers, and investigated all claims of unidentified flying objects whether they were from Mars or Mother Russia.

You can read the report here.


Atlantis UFOCould the aliens be trying to reach out to NASA?

According to the Reuters News Service, an “unidentified flying object” delayed the landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The first fear was that part of the ship broke off damaging the ship’s ever-critical life support systems and heat shield. NASA Officials also said they found three new bits of debris, but they don’t seem too concerned about them.

UFO Chase Caught on Tape!

Here’s a double score for our A/V Department.

This time, we have a video of a declassified Russian government video of three planes scrambling to chase a cynlinder shaped object in the sky that appears in the video frame.

But as the planes close in to identify the object, the cylinder speeds away and is never directly identified. Creepy.

Russian F16 Footage Captures UFO on Tape

It’s rare to find UFO footage captured on video, but here’s a big score.

This clip, generously posted by the freaks at Google Video, shows a Russian F16 jet flying in the clear blue sky and a mysterious object floating in the back frame.

It’s also narrated by Mr. James Bond himself Roger Moore in case anyone’s wondering.

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