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The Vancouver City Hall UFO

Almost 70 years ago on Sept. 13, an amateur photographer captured one of the most spectacular UFO photos on record.

Leonard Lamoureux was setting up his camera near the courthouse when a bright flash of blue light flashed in the sky and because decending upon him, according to the UFO Digest.

He caught a series of photos of the mysterious craft, which are on UFO Digest’s website, along with similarities of the craft to images in the Italian fresco, “The Crucifixtion.”

New Brighton UFO Actually Just a Flare

Don’t panic New Brighton. The aliens are landed anytime soon.

According to the Beaver County Times in Conneticut, one resident reported a UFO sighting recently but it was debunked by local authorities.

Police said the sighting was actually a parachute flare, something that can be seen for several thousand miles and burn for longer than a minute.

Seattlities See Something in Sky, It’s Not a UFO

Some residents of Pierce and Kitsap Counties in Washington saw a firey streak of something in the skies, but the feds said it’s not something to roll out the alien welcome mat for yet.

According to KING Channel 5, several residents reported the sighting called police, the local TV station and even the Federal Aviation Administration. (Due to technical difficulties, we can’t post the picture here but you can see the object on the KING site.)

FAA officials said the streak with a high-altitude jet with a “contrail” behind that reflected in the sunlight.

V-Shaped UFO Seen in UK

A woman in Longwalk, Istead Rise saw a shape in the sky familiar to most UFO enthusiasts — a V-shaped craft with lights.

Helen Hanreck told the News Shopper that she saw the object in the sky while looking for her cats one night.

She claims the object was a line of lights in a V-shape moving slowly across the sky. Local police said there was only one report of lights in the sky they received that night.

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