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Crop Circles Spotted in Holland

dutch crop circle 1Zevenbergen.jpg Hoeven1.jpg

These are just some of the crop circles spotted in Holland this year.

According to, six crop circle formations were found in 2006, some of which were seen accompanied by white light and strange noises.

British Gov’t Says UFOs Not a Threat

The British Ministry of Defense said UFOs will not be taking over the world anytime soon.

According to, Junior defence minister Derek Twigg said of the 712 UFO reports made in the last five years, only 12 were worth following up with further investigations.

Twigg also said of those 12 remaining cases, they showed UFOs did not “demonstrate any threat to the integrity of the UK Air Defence Region.”

UFO Researcher Details Spitzbergen UFO Crash

Spitzenbergh crashA UFO researcher tells the story of a UFO that actually crash landed on Earth more than 50 years ago.

BJ Booth tells the story in the American Chronicle. It involves a Shell Oil employee sent to Sweden to investigation a famed UFO known as the “Ghost Rockets” when the UFO crashed in Spitzbergen.

The story details the report on the alleged UFO crash, and the media’s attention (or lack thereof) to the story, most notably journalist Dorothy Kilgallen who claimed that someone in the “upper echelon” on the British government first told her it was a UFO crash.

Residents Share Details of UFO Encounter

A couple in Billerica, Mass. said an encounter with a UFO that changed the outlook of their lives.

The couple, only identified as Robert and Anne, were interviewed on the Jeff Rense Show on Oct. 20, according a story from the Billerica Minuteman.

The couple saw the UFO in December of 2004 and described it as a “huge ball of brilliant white light coming toward the house frmo the west” and said it tried to lift Anne off the deck before her husband pulled her into the house at the last second.

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