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‘Orange Light’ Spotted Over Norwich

A Norwich man claims an unusual orange light in the night time sky was unlike anything he had ever seen on this planet.

According to the Norwich Evening News, 25-year-old Barrie Slade said he was walking his dog one night when he saw the orange glow in the sky.

Apparently, he wasn’t the only one. Another witness described the light by saying, “At first I saw one orange light and then it was followed by three more orange lights really close to it and it was moving diagonally in the sky. It was quite slow and then it disappeared in the distance.”

Lawyer Wants Compensation for Alien Abductees

abductionHave you been abducted by aliens lately? Would you like to profit off of it without having to go on “Oprah” and publicly admitting on TV that you’ve been probed?

Then here’s your answer: according to the Reuters News Service, a German lawyer wants state compensation for clients who claim to have been victims of alien abductions.

Jens Lorek, the German attorney, said there’s a huge market for this type of compensation, even though they are embarassed to come forward. He also has yet to win a case in this budding field.

Burnley Man Spots UFO

A Burnley man not only spotted a UFO flying over his house, but also caught it on tape.

According to the Burnley Express, 62-year-old Fred Scott spotted the unidentified flying object while he was grabbing a quick smoke in front of his house when he spotted a flash of light in the sky.

He told the newspaper after reporting his sighting to them, “”I was just having a quiet cigarette outside my house when I saw this strange object in the sky. I didn’t particularly believe in UFOs or aliens before, but now I’m not so sure.”

Turkish Pilot Said He Saw UFO

Turkey government officials speculated a fiery object seen in the sky was just a meteor. But the pilot who reported it said it was a UFO.

According to, several citizens spotted the object last Saturday night in the skies over Ankara, Nev┼čehir, Bal─▒kesir, Konya and Antalya.

One of the planes scrambled to intercept the object reportedly said it was a UFO. So far, no other sources have confirmed the object’s true identity.

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