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UFO Spotted at Air Show

Maybe it was trying to join the competition?

According to UFO Digest, a photographer spotted an unidentified flying object at the Mt. Comfort Air Show last month as he was taking shots of an A10 streaking across the sky.

The photographer, Matt Ray, said it couldn’t have been another plane since no other aircraft was scheduled to fly at the time he took the photo.

‘Free Gary’ Blog Urges Release of UFO Hacker

Gary McKinnonDon’t fret Gary, help is on the way.

Gary McKinnon, better known to Actual Aliens readers as the infamous “UFO Hacker,” was arrested for breaking into computer databases at NASA in the hopes of finding evidence that the US Government was covering up proof of UFO’s existence. “Free Gary McKinnon” aims to free the hacker or at least get him a trial on his native soil in the United Kingdom.

The blog calls his treatment by British citizens “unjust” and argues he should face his crimes in a British court and serve his sentence in a British prison saying, “It cannot be excused even by a ‘war on terror.'”

UFO Spotted Over Australia

UFO SpotDown under, there’s something up in the skies.

According to UFO Digest, a vigiliant viewer snapped a picture of a mysterious green object hovering over Pearth, Australia.

The photographer, Simon Boyd, is looking for a logical explanation of the photo. He said he knows how to Photoshop “forwards and backwards,” but insists the photo isn’t a fake saying, “Why would I bother sending this story off to many sites?”

Indiana University Offering UFO Class

ufo classIndiana’s been a hotbed of UFO activity, so why not a class?

According to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Indiana University’s Division of Continuing Studies is offering a class on those floaty things in the sky called “UFOs: Perception, Reality and Sightings in Indiana.”

Roger Sugden, assistant state director and chief investigator of the Mutual UFO Network, is teaching the three-course class. The course will teach students the history of UFOs from the first sightings in ancient Egypt to modern day Indiana.

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