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UFO Turns Out to Be Trash Bin

We don’t often get a lot of debunked sighting stories, but when we do, we like to report them just to be fair. Plus, their often more hilarious than a Cheech and Chong movie starring Dick Cheney.

According to the Arab News, police in Jeddah received several calls about a UFO sighting over a period of three days. Callers described the object as a “unidentified floating object that was seen in Al-Arbaeen lagoon in Jeddah’s downtown district, known as Al-Balad.”

Police actually held a stakeout on the lagoon and discovered it was actually just a trash bin on the surface of the water that gave off a mysterious profile when viewed from a distance.

Sighting Sparks UFO Debate in Newbury

ufo2_sz-pli0iyaYk0YuCmj-1.jpgThese lights are not just a possible UFO. They are the source of a huge debate in the town of Newbury.

According to, these lights spotted recently in the nighttime Newbury skies reopened the debate over the existence of UFOs in this small British town.

Three locals recently reported the sighting and several residents came forward back in September and reported the same sighting.

MUFON Spokesperson Says Media Won’t Cover UFOs

MUFONWhen it comes to UFOs and evidence of life outside of Earth, the Mutual UFO Network said the mainstream media won’t cover it.

In a feature story in this week’s issue of San Diego City Beat, San Diego Chapter MUFON Spokesperson Ed McBride said there is a “blackout” in the press when it comes to shedding new light on the UFO cover-up “except for the giggle-giggle factor.”

He said the reason for the cover-up is government interference.

“They’ve decided none of this can be in the open press because they don’t like to talk about anything anymore that they can’t explain,” says McBride. “They can talk about all kinds of serial killers, JonBenet Ramsey—but they decide. That’s what scares me, more than these UFOs. They selectively decide what we’re going to have for our evening news.”

A Brief History of UFO Sightings

images-3.jpg You’re looking at the McMinnville UFO, a picture that has been called the most credible UFO photo in sighting history and is part of a chronicle of UFO sightings in a very comprehensive article in the Brock Press.

The story includes profiles of such famous sightings as the Trindade, Brazil sighting in which military officers and 47 crew members of a Brazilian naval vessel captured a UFO on camera.

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