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Air Force Reveals Source of Arkansas Sighting

Usually when UFOs are spotted, the military tries to pass it off as a weather balloon or a new experimental aircraft or a flare. This time, the military backs up their story with proof.

According to World Net Daily, the Air Force showed how a flare used in a training exercise was mistaken for a UFO sighting in Arkansas.

The LUU-2 flare, seen above, deploys a parachute and has the light power of 2 million candles and lasts for five minutes.

Lowell Sun Profiles the UFO Hunter

The Lowell Sun in Lowell, Mass. did a quick Q&A with Mark Hunter, better known as the local UFO Hunter. Here’s some of the more interesting answers to the newspaper’s quizzlings.

When asked about the most interesting case he ever researched, he said… 

“A craft actually landed in the courtyard of a housing-project development in the Boston area. The person was a child at the time, about 4 or 5 years old. She heard her grandmother leave the apartment, she looked out the window, and there she saw this craft out there and people walking to it. When she yelled out to her grandmother, her grandmother slowly looked at her, and that’s the last thing she remembers.”

When asked if the government has ever tried to stop his UFO hobby, he said…

“I’ve never had any men in black knocking at my door — that I can remember.”

When asked if he believes in life exists on other planets, he said…

“I haven’t made up my mind.”

UFO Really Russian Rocket

Reports of a UFO around Colorado and Nebraska were debunked when NORAD said it was a Russian rocket. Well I feel safer.

According to WCSH6,several people spotted the UFO as a cluster of lights that resembled a meteor shower.

But NORAD officials confirmed it was a Russian rocket carrying a French sattelite into orbit.

O’Hare Employees’ UFO Report Goes Unreported

images.jpgSome O’Hare Airport employees are more than a little miffed that their UFO report wasn’t taken seriously. In fact, it wasn’t taken at all.

According to the FOX 5 affiliate in New York, some of the Chicago airline workers reported a UFO to their superiors back on Nov. 7, but none of them would take their report seriously, and even the Federal Aviation Administration called the sighting a “likely weather phenomenon.”

But neither the FAA or United Airlines even bothered to investigate the claim. The workers, who would not reveal their identities, described the object as “a dark gray, flying saucer-like object” that hovered “motionless” in the sky, and then suddenly bolted out of sight.