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‘Welsh Roswell’ Debunked By Wikipedia?

Has the famous ‘Welsh Roswell’ UFO crash been debunked by the world’s encyclopedia? According to the, it has been.

The story says Wikipedia claims the 1974 crash landing was a combination of earthquakes, a meteor shower and poachers carrying lanterns.

The crash occurred at the Berwyn Mountains. The Wikipedia entry claims a 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit at the same approximate time of the UFO crash and the lights on the mountain came from poachers.

UFO Hacker Still Fighting Extradition

Gary McKinnonHere’s the first UFO hacker update we’ve had in a long time. This week, Gary McKinnon, the famed “UFO Hacker,” is fighting his extradition to the U.S.

According to the Tech section of Monsters and, McKinnon filed an appeal in the London High Court to prevent authorities from bringing him to the U.S. to stand trial for hacking into U.S. government computer systems. The hearing for the appeal started on Wednesday.

McKinnon claims he hacked into government systems in order to find proof of the existence of UFOs and that government agencies have not only been keeping it secret, but also utilizing its technologies without the public’s knowledge. Click here to read our ongoing covering of the UFO Hacker’s story.

Phoenix Lights Return

Here’s another sighting, this time in the dark skies over Phoenix and it’s not the first time.

According to the National Ledger, the legendary Phoenix lights returned recently prompting thousands of calls to local authorities to report a UFO sighting.

It’s been 10 years since the famous Phoenix lights, which have yet to be explained. This time, the government snapped into action and said they were (fishing hand around in a fish bowl for an answer) “military flares.”

Hawaii Five UFO

Something in the skies over Hawaii drew a crowd and it wasn’t a hula girl with a mowed grass skirt.

According to KHON, a UFO was spotted in the sky over Hawaii’s Kewalo Bay prompting a small panic from the some of inhabitants of a local beach.

One resident described the UFO as “two lights circling in the sky, about 45 degrees above the horizon,” according to the story. Another described it as “two little fireballs with a stream behind it.”