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Debris or Not Debris? Not

Some fragments of rock that some thought was debris from a UFO turned out to be debris from…a rock. Du’h.

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, a University of Washington research engineer determined the rock was just a piece of igneous rock possibly from a meteor or some good old lava.

The rock is over 50 years old from a plane crash site. A B-52 bomber crask in 1947 was believed to be carrying pieces of a UFO that crashed off Maury Island.

McKinnon Faces 70 Years in Prison

Gary McKinnonSince it’s only a matter of time before McKinnon is flown to the U.S. for his trial, just what kind of prison sentence is the UFO Hacker facing?

According to the Canadian, it’s 70 years for hacking into over 97 NASA computers and databases.

McKinnon claims he hacked into government systems in order to find proof of the existence of UFOs and that government agencies have not only been keeping it secret, but also utilizing its technologies without the public’s knowledge. In an interview with the BBC, he claims he read testimonies from 400 expert witnesses who worked as air traffic controllers and military radar operations and he claims they said, “They all said there are UFOs, there are aliens.”

Canada Had Over 700 Sightings Last Year

Think that the good ol’ US of A is the hottest country for UFO sightings? Our snowy neighbors to the north have been seeing things too.

According to the CP, Canada had 736 UFO sightings in one year, making it the third largest number of sightings in the last 17 years.

The story also said British Columbia and Ontario had the highest number of sightings than anyone in Canada and Saskatchewan had an all time high of 98 sightings.

UFO Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal

Gary McKinnonMore bad news for the famed UFO hacker.

According to the Scotsman, Gary McKinnon lost his appeal against being extradicted to the United States to stand trial for hacking several U.S. government databases and is en route to stand trial.

His attorney said he would appeal the case to the House of Lords. For McKinnon’s complete backstory, check our archives by clicking here.