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Lunar UFOs Could Be Volcanic Eruptions

If you think you’re seeing little men on the moon, you might be looking at volcanic “belches.”

According to Scientific American, so-called “lunar” UFO’s seen for centuries may actually just be “emissions of volcanic gas.”

Astrophysicist Arlin Crotts of Columbia University said he reviewed the evidence and found the areas of the moon where most of the UFOs were spotted are also emitting radon gas, which could explain the strange sightings.

Shanghai Spots Jellyfish UFO

Some people in Shanghai reported seeing a jellyfish shaped UFO over their Japanese skies earlier this week.

According to Shanghai Daily, the reports flooded the local emergency switchboards around 8 p.m. last Monday.

Several witnesses who spoke with the paper described the object as “blue-colored,” “V-shaped” and “hovering” over the area for several minutes. An “expert” said the object was just a night light kite.

Is CIA Infiltrating UFO Groups?

Chalk this one up in the totally out of left field column. A UFO group leader claims the CIA is sending operatives to monitor them by infiltrating their agency.

According to the Wired Magazine blog Danger Room, writer Gus Russo is saying just that. He told the Wired reporter about the infiltration.

He claims the evidence that proves is in some tasty pudding in the form of the CIA’s Stargate Archives and a senior intelligence office who claim they were worried about UFO groups gaining access to classified materials. Talk about spooky.

Could It Be? An Alien at Roswell?

Could this be the proof so many have been searching for or just another load of malarky that gives UFO enthusiasts five seconds of false hope followed by 50 years of despair?

According to the American Chronicle, the author claims an insider source from the Defense Intelligence Agency told him soldiders shot and killed an alien at the famed UFO landing site.

The author also claims they supported this claim by two other sources from the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence, two members rumored to be part of an underground shadow group called “The Aviary.” They got the spookiness factor down, some grade A PR minds behind that clan.