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UFO Pilot’s Air Recording Released

No, not the pilot of the UFO. Stupid.

According to Shanghai Daily, a 16-year-old tape of a Chinese pilot who spotted a UFO over Shanghai surfaced.

The story is chocked full of UFO goodies, but here’s the basic description:

“It separated into two, one ball on the upper side and one cube below it. The two objects flew northeast for a while and then they turned to the northwest. They climbed up and disappeared. They came out, and disappeared again.”

UFOs Getting the ‘Ghost Hunters’ Treatment

Sure there’s probably real UFO news we could report on this blog, but the truth is I’m a big fan of the “Ghost Hunters” show and this news is geeking me out. So go look for your own UFOs this week and indulge me.

According to Reality TV Magazine, the Sci-Fi Channel announced they have picked up a “UFO Hunters” show created from the same people who brought you “Ghost Hunters.”

This show will feature the New York Strange Phenomena Investigators (NYSPI) who will roam the country each week in search of signs of extra-terrestrial life. If “Ghost Hunters” is any indication, this should shape up to be one interesting show.

Roswell Invaded…By UFO Aficionados

The 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash passed and the town was invaded.

According to the Associated Press, 35,000 people ascended on the town to commemorate the anniversary of the famed UFO legend.

The festival included live concerts, costumes, a parade and lectures on body snatching and NASA conspiracies. I’m also sure they served funnel cake.

Airman Says Roswell Aliens Are Real

A deceased Air Force officer could be the key to not only unlocking the secrets of Roswell, but also of the entire alien conspiracy.

According to FOX News, an affidavit by Lt. Walter Haut released after his death reveals that not only did he see UFO aircract, but also some alien bodies.

Haut actually served as a public-relations officer at the base who also issued the official statements after the infamous crash at the air base. He claims the weather balloon story was total bunk and the military also seized after the crash.