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Reporters Believe UFOs Are Actually Pranks on UFO Watchers

Some reporters in Newbury, England may have discovered that a string of UFO sightings really weren’t UFOs at all. They were pranks.

According to Newbury Today, the newspaper received an anonymous package explaining the mystery.

The paper said the package contained a “UFO Hot Air Balloon,” which carries a lantern designed to trick people looking for UFOs late at night. Some of the people who spotted the mysterious lights don’t believe the balloons are the same thing.

The War in Iraq, Gay Marriage…and UFOs?

Could it be that the defining issue in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election will be the UFO conspiracy?

According to the Washington Post, one group is trying to do just that. The Paradigm Research Group met recently at the National Press Club to demand a “truth amnesty” on the secret they believe the government has been hiding since the beginning of the government – the existence of extraterrestrials.

Unfortunately, none of the candidates seem interested. Someone from the Barack Obama group told the Post they were more interested in more pressing issues like the war in Iraq and terrorism. A spokesman for the Hillary Clinton camp said, “Let me check in with the mothership.”

UFO Actually NASA Experiment

Look, up in the sky! Is it a UFO? Is it a flying saucer? No, it’s a NASA experiment.

According to a Gallup Independent, a glowing object found in the skies over Gallup, N.M. was actually a NASA experiment.

The newspaper claims NASA was testing a new high-altitude weather balloon to study surface temperatures on the sun and how those temperatures affect the Earth. Apparently, they caused people to see UFOs.