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Dennis Kucinich: I Saw a UFO

Apparently, one of the contenders for the Democratic Presidential ticket has seen a UFO.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the candidate confirmed his sighting during a debate.

His daughter’s godfather, Shirley MacLaine, first spoke about his UFO sighting in her book, and Kucinich confirmed it for a reporter. MacLaine said Kucinich reportedly described the UFO to her as a hovering, triangular shaped object.

One-Third of U.S. Believe in UFOs

Color me surprised on this story. It looks UFO lovers aren’t alone as we once thought.

According to the Associated Press, more than one-third of Americans believe in UFOs and ghosts.

The poll also found 14 percent of Americans say they have seen a UFO.

Venus Commonly Mistaken for UFO

If you’re looking up in the sky and you see a spherical object hanging in the night, could it be a UFO?

According to, it’s actually Venus.

Apparently, at this time of year, Venus can be highly visible with the naked eye and it’s often mistaken and reported as a UFO in the skies. It’s not uncommon that so many people may see it as a UFO since it’s the third brightest object in the sky.

UFO, Whoops Meteor, Sighted in Australia

There’s been a flood of sightings in the land down under of a mysterious object hovering in the skies. It turned out to just be a meteor.

According to the Herald Sun in Melbourne, the paper received a “flood” of phone calls about a UFO spotted in the skies earlier this week.

The story states witnesses described the mysterious object as “an amazing bright blue light in the sky with a long blue trail.” Members of the local Astronomical Society confirmed the object was just a meteor. Oh well, maybe next time.