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McKinnon Faces 70 Years in Prison

Since it’s only a matter of time before McKinnon is flown to the U.S. for his trial, just what kind of prison sentence is the UFO Hacker facing? According to the Canadian, it’s 70 years for hacking into over 97 NASA computers and databases. McKinnon claims he hacked into government systems in order to find […]

UFO Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal

More bad news for the famed UFO hacker. According to the Scotsman, Gary McKinnon lost his appeal against being extradicted to the United States to stand trial for hacking several U.S. government databases and is en route to stand trial. His attorney said he would appeal the case to the House of Lords. For McKinnon’s […]

UFO Hacker Still Fighting Extradition

Here’s the first UFO hacker update we’ve had in a long time. This week, Gary McKinnon, the famed “UFO Hacker,” is fighting his extradition to the U.S. According to the Tech section of Monsters and, McKinnon filed an appeal in the London High Court to prevent authorities from bringing him to the U.S. to […]

‘Free Gary’ Blog Urges Release of UFO Hacker

Don’t fret Gary, help is on the way. Gary McKinnon, better known to Actual Aliens readers as the infamous “UFO Hacker,” was arrested for breaking into computer databases at NASA in the hopes of finding evidence that the US Government was covering up proof of UFO’s existence. “Free Gary McKinnon” aims to free the hacker […]

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