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Lawyer Wants Compensation for Alien Abductees

abductionHave you been abducted by aliens lately? Would you like to profit off of it without having to go on “Oprah” and publicly admitting on TV that you’ve been probed?

Then here’s your answer: according to the Reuters News Service, a German lawyer wants state compensation for clients who claim to have been victims of alien abductions.

Jens Lorek, the German attorney, said there’s a huge market for this type of compensation, even though they are embarassed to come forward. He also has yet to win a case in this budding field.

Author Claims Town’s Residents Were Abducted, Mindwashed

If you live in Grantham, England, chances are you were abducted and you didn’t even know it.

The mind-washing technology made famous in movies like “Men in Black” were used on the residents of Grantham, England after they were all abducted back on Nov. 9, 1965, according to author Anthony Mallin in a story in Grantham Today.

He made this claim in his book, “Asylum – The Definitive UFO and Alien Abduction Experience,” in a story he claims is based on a real person.