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Firefighters Trained for UFOs?

A new report in Arizona has shed some interesting light on the existence of UFOs.

According to KNXV of Phoenix, firefighters have been trained to handle UFO sightings and landings.

The guidelines are listed in the Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control. The book has an entire chapter on the subject called “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential” and lists possible scenarios for UFO encounters and even how to treat injured aliens.

Stephenville UFO Conspiracies Continue

Another UFO has been spotted in the town that made headlines with its first sighting, but that’s not the only thing fueling the conspiracy fires in the Lone Star State.

According to the Washington Post, the reporter who covered the initial story and the second sighting has been fired.

The Empire-Tribune fired Angelina Joiner because she refused to back off of the UFO story. She told the Washington Post that she felt the story was important, even if some of the town’s “upper crust” were embarrassed by it.

NASA Searching for UFO Evidence?

Could it be that the very agency that has been denying that UFOs even exist could have been searching for evidence themselves?

According to the Chicago Tribune, a federal court has ruled that NASA has to turn over all of the paperwork they have on a UFO crash that took place more than 40 years ago.

The paperwork relates to a supposed crash that happened in Pennsylvania in 1965. The government claims the object that fell from a sky was just a meteor but several residents reported a strange smell emanating from the object and military personnel whisked the object away in the cover of night.

Report on Flaming Appliances Confirms Alien Activity in Sicily

A new report released by the Italian government has shed some interesting light on the UFO/alien conspiracy.

According to the Telegraph, an Italian government reports revealed that “aliens” are responsible for some unexplained behavior in Sicily.

Three years ago, a village east of Palermo experienced some strange activity. Electrical appliances began smoking and bursting into flames. The report concluded aliens were the cause since they were “caused by a high power electro magnetic emissions which were not man made and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts.”

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