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British Gov’t Says UFOs Not a Threat

The British Ministry of Defense said UFOs will not be taking over the world anytime soon.

According to, Junior defence minister Derek Twigg said of the 712 UFO reports made in the last five years, only 12 were worth following up with further investigations.

Twigg also said of those 12 remaining cases, they showed UFOs did not “demonstrate any threat to the integrity of the UK Air Defence Region.”

Underground UFO Bases?

underground baseAll this time we’ve been looking up in the sky for signs of UFO. It turns out we should have been looking beneath our feet.

According to a story from India Daily, it estimates there are more than 2,000 underground sites in the entire world.

It conjectures the bases are deep beneath the continental crust, more than 30 miles beneath the surface of the Earth in places where the crust is thicker such as the India-China Himalayan border and Yellowstone National Park.

Turkish Pilot Said He Saw UFO

Turkey government officials speculated a fiery object seen in the sky was just a meteor. But the pilot who reported it said it was a UFO.

According to, several citizens spotted the object last Saturday night in the skies over Ankara, Nev┼čehir, Bal─▒kesir, Konya and Antalya.

One of the planes scrambled to intercept the object reportedly said it was a UFO. So far, no other sources have confirmed the object’s true identity.

‘Free Gary’ Blog Urges Release of UFO Hacker

Gary McKinnonDon’t fret Gary, help is on the way.

Gary McKinnon, better known to Actual Aliens readers as the infamous “UFO Hacker,” was arrested for breaking into computer databases at NASA in the hopes of finding evidence that the US Government was covering up proof of UFO’s existence. “Free Gary McKinnon” aims to free the hacker or at least get him a trial on his native soil in the United Kingdom.

The blog calls his treatment by British citizens “unjust” and argues he should face his crimes in a British court and serve his sentence in a British prison saying, “It cannot be excused even by a ‘war on terror.'”

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