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Kentucky Police Say UFO a Plane

Police in Warrick County, Kentucky are saying that a green and white light in the sky was probably just a plane.

According to the Evansville Courier & Press, several people saw the light in the nighttime sky and at least one person called it into police.

But the sheriff’s deputy chief preventing people from throwing out the alien welcome mat by saying it was probably just a fast moving plane that looked like it was hovering in the sky by saying, “If it’s moving in a holding pattern, it’s going to look like it’s sitting still.”

Pilot Poo-Poos Phoenix Lights

An Air National Guard pilot offered what he believes is the most logical explanation for the famous “Phoenix Lights” sighting in 1997.

According to the Arizona Republic, Lt. Col. Ed Jones said “flares” are the reason behind the famed UFO sighting because he was in one of thr A10s that launched them.

The Phoenix Lights a string of lights that appeared in the nighttime sky around 10 p.m. on March 13, 1997 in which no air manuevers or reports of identitified aircraft were around at the time of the sighting.

‘Welsh Roswell’ Debunked By Wikipedia?

Has the famous ‘Welsh Roswell’ UFO crash been debunked by the world’s encyclopedia? According to the, it has been.

The story says Wikipedia claims the 1974 crash landing was a combination of earthquakes, a meteor shower and poachers carrying lanterns.

The crash occurred at the Berwyn Mountains. The Wikipedia entry claims a 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit at the same approximate time of the UFO crash and the lights on the mountain came from poachers.

Air Force Reveals Source of Arkansas Sighting

Usually when UFOs are spotted, the military tries to pass it off as a weather balloon or a new experimental aircraft or a flare. This time, the military backs up their story with proof.

According to World Net Daily, the Air Force showed how a flare used in a training exercise was mistaken for a UFO sighting in Arkansas.

The LUU-2 flare, seen above, deploys a parachute and has the light power of 2 million candles and lasts for five minutes.

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