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UFO Really Russian Rocket

Reports of a UFO around Colorado and Nebraska were debunked when NORAD said it was a Russian rocket. Well I feel safer.

According to WCSH6,several people spotted the UFO as a cluster of lights that resembled a meteor shower.

But NORAD officials confirmed it was a Russian rocket carrying a French sattelite into orbit.

Xmas Lights Spotted Over Swindon

Here’s a festive bit of UFOlogy: a Swindon man’s Christmas lights have been spotted as UFOs.

According to the Swindon Advertiser, Simon Maddison says his lights are always mistaken for UFOs year after year after year.

The lights are used to guide guests to Christmas parties. “I’m not surprised people thought it was a UFO, it emits 10 different beams and moves across the sky.”

Not a UFO Over Pittsburgh, So What Is It?

Attention, Pittsburgh: that thing you saw in the sky the other night? It wasn’t a UFO.

According to WTAE, the unidentified flying object seen in the Pittsburgh skies was not a UFO, but several agencies are in dispute over what it actually was.

Dozens of people reported the shower to local police and news stations. The National Weather Service said they thought it was part of the Gemini Meteor Shower that occured a week before the sighting, and NASA said it was a rocket launched from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

UFO Turns Out to Be Trash Bin

We don’t often get a lot of debunked sighting stories, but when we do, we like to report them just to be fair. Plus, their often more hilarious than a Cheech and Chong movie starring Dick Cheney.

According to the Arab News, police in Jeddah received several calls about a UFO sighting over a period of three days. Callers described the object as a “unidentified floating object that was seen in Al-Arbaeen lagoon in Jeddah’s downtown district, known as Al-Balad.”

Police actually held a stakeout on the lagoon and discovered it was actually just a trash bin on the surface of the water that gave off a mysterious profile when viewed from a distance.

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