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Lowell Sun Profiles the UFO Hunter

The Lowell Sun in Lowell, Mass. did a quick Q&A with Mark Hunter, better known as the local UFO Hunter. Here’s some of the more interesting answers to the newspaper’s quizzlings.

When asked about the most interesting case he ever researched, he said… 

“A craft actually landed in the courtyard of a housing-project development in the Boston area. The person was a child at the time, about 4 or 5 years old. She heard her grandmother leave the apartment, she looked out the window, and there she saw this craft out there and people walking to it. When she yelled out to her grandmother, her grandmother slowly looked at her, and that’s the last thing she remembers.”

When asked if the government has ever tried to stop his UFO hobby, he said…

“I’ve never had any men in black knocking at my door — that I can remember.”

When asked if he believes in life exists on other planets, he said…

“I haven’t made up my mind.”

MUFON Spokesperson Says Media Won’t Cover UFOs

MUFONWhen it comes to UFOs and evidence of life outside of Earth, the Mutual UFO Network said the mainstream media won’t cover it.

In a feature story in this week’s issue of San Diego City Beat, San Diego Chapter MUFON Spokesperson Ed McBride said there is a “blackout” in the press when it comes to shedding new light on the UFO cover-up “except for the giggle-giggle factor.”

He said the reason for the cover-up is government interference.

“They’ve decided none of this can be in the open press because they don’t like to talk about anything anymore that they can’t explain,” says McBride. “They can talk about all kinds of serial killers, JonBenet Ramsey—but they decide. That’s what scares me, more than these UFOs. They selectively decide what we’re going to have for our evening news.”

UFO Researcher Details Spitzbergen UFO Crash

Spitzenbergh crashA UFO researcher tells the story of a UFO that actually crash landed on Earth more than 50 years ago.

BJ Booth tells the story in the American Chronicle. It involves a Shell Oil employee sent to Sweden to investigation a famed UFO known as the “Ghost Rockets” when the UFO crashed in Spitzbergen.

The story details the report on the alleged UFO crash, and the media’s attention (or lack thereof) to the story, most notably journalist Dorothy Kilgallen who claimed that someone in the “upper echelon” on the British government first told her it was a UFO crash.

Lewis to Speak in Wisconsin

chad lewisWisconsin, get ready to meet a man who deals with some real X-Files.

Mutual UFO Network and Paranormal Researcher Chad Lewis will speak on Monday, Oct. 23 at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, according to the Spooner Advocate.

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