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Indiana University Offering UFO Class

ufo classIndiana’s been a hotbed of UFO activity, so why not a class?

According to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Indiana University’s Division of Continuing Studies is offering a class on those floaty things in the sky called “UFOs: Perception, Reality and Sightings in Indiana.”

Roger Sugden, assistant state director and chief investigator of the Mutual UFO Network, is teaching the three-course class. The course will teach students the history of UFOs from the first sightings in ancient Egypt to modern day Indiana.

New Book Claims UFO Footage Faced Theft Attempts

Author Paula Thorneycroft claims in a new upcoming book that years of UFO footage she took from her own backyard was almost stolen from her.

According to a press release, Thorneycroft’s “Eye to the Sky: A Paranormal Odyssey” details her contacts and experiences with alien spacecraft and some attempts to thwart her research.

The press release states, “Having experienced a number of attempts to steal the video footage, attack our computers, tap our phones, follow us, and bribe us, we finally decided that it would be prudent to get the images out into the public domain as quickly as possible, while still remaining true to our original plan to release the most profound images in concert with the book, to ensure integrity and create context.”

Co-Author of “Canadian UFO Report” Has Never Seen a UFO

It sounds like the most textbook definition of irony since Jim Fixx died of a heart attack while jogging, but it’s true.

UFO Author Chris Rutkowski told the Winnipeg Sun he’s never seen a UFO, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

He’s the co-author with Geoff Dittman of “The Canadian UFO Report,” a database that has collected 5,000 Canadian UFO sightings dating back as far as 1663. He still receives reports every year. Last year, he collected over 763 sightings.

Alien Abductee Claims to Have ‘Proof’ of UFOs

Craig Jacocks might sound like your average alien abductee, but he claims he has one thing that others don’t have regarding their out-of-this-world experiences: proof.

According to a press release, Jacocks has released a new book called “Aware of their Presence” about his lifelong experiences with abduction and proof that he is actually being tagged, bagged and released by the aliens.

The release says the abductions started when he was a young child and what effect they have had on his life. So far, the only “proof” in the release is that a doctor found two “needle-like” objects in his body, which Jacocks believes to be tracking devices. He even said they have made electronic appliances go haywire whenever he is around them.

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