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Barb Campbell Researching UFO Activity in Saskatchewan

World, meet Barb Campbell, Barb Campbell, world.

According to a story on CBC News, Campbell is researching the resurgence of UFO sightings on the northern part of Waterhen Lake in Saskatchewan where people have reported strange lights in the sky and close encounters for years.

Here’s what some of the reporting parties have had to say…
– “It’s kind of like a Frisbee, two Frisbees on top of another, like an orange in the middle.”

– “They were UFOs. They couldn’t be anything else.”

– “I don’t know what it was but it was beautiful.”

Roswell, Are You Ready to Rock?

Ah Roswell, N.M. Where would we be without it? Well, we wouldn’t have the New Mexico Military Institute who shaped the minds of people like Roger Staubauch and Sam Donaldson. We wouldn’t have people like Billy the Kid and events like the Lincoln County War in our history. And we certainly would have as much cheese and and skim milk since it’s the “Dairy Capital of the Southwest.”

But for the purposes of this blog, Roswell is home to the most famous alien encounter on the planet.

And on June 30th, you can commemorate this history moment in “Covered Up History” by attending the 2006 Roswell UFO Festival.

This, mind you, isn’t some backwoods county fair with a Tilt-a-Whirl and Meat-on-a-Stick by the pound. This is a serious gathering of UFO enthusiasts and experts with a little fun mixed in for flavor. You’ll hear lectures from experts such as Roswell authors Donald Schmitt and Thomas Carey, learn abour crop circles and abductions and be treated to a live concert by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. I asked if Roswell was ready to rock.

MUFON says Colorado “hotbed” of UFO activity

So which state in the union has the most UFO sightings? New Mexico? Alabama? Alabama? John Schuessler, the international director of MUFON or the Mutual UFO Network, says it’s Colorado.

According to an interview the UFO expert did with KFOX in El Paso, he described Colorado as a “hotbed” of UFO activity, which is why they are headquartered there in Schuessler’s basement.

The former aerospace engineer spends his days tracking down people who had made UFO sightings with the help of 3,000 members of 450 field investigators.

Visit them on the web at

Bigfoot, the Missing Link…to UFOs?

Some people believe that Bigfoot, that big hairy 7-foot plug beast who leaves huge footprints in the dust for hunters to find, could be the missing link to mankind. But to UFOs?

That’s what Bigfoot expert and Michigan Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator Lisa Shiel believes and theorizes in her new lectures and her new book, “Backyard Bigfoot.” (NOTE: Those of you in Burton, Michigan on May 7 can hear those theories at the Walli’s East Restaurant, according to the press release.)

According to her publisher’s website at, she claims Bigfoot as some kind of connection to UFOs, but it doesn’t go into much detail as to exactly what that could be, but she claims in her sample chapter that “UFOs, hairy dwarves, glowing-eyed monsters, mysterious footprints-these phenomena and others play a role in the hairy hominid mystery.” Sounds interesting.

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