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Airman Says Roswell Aliens Are Real

A deceased Air Force officer could be the key to not only unlocking the secrets of Roswell, but also of the entire alien conspiracy.

According to FOX News, an affidavit by Lt. Walter Haut released after his death reveals that not only did he see UFO aircract, but also some alien bodies.

Haut actually served as a public-relations officer at the base who also issued the official statements after the infamous crash at the air base. He claims the weather balloon story was total bunk and the military also seized after the crash.

Residents Share Details of UFO Encounter

A couple in Billerica, Mass. said an encounter with a UFO that changed the outlook of their lives.

The couple, only identified as Robert and Anne, were interviewed on the Jeff Rense Show on Oct. 20, according a story from the Billerica Minuteman.

The couple saw the UFO in December of 2004 and described it as a “huge ball of brilliant white light coming toward the house frmo the west” and said it tried to lift Anne off the deck before her husband pulled her into the house at the last second.

Crops Flattened in Michigan

Who — or what — could have flattened all these crops in Michigan?

That’s the big question WOOD Channel 8 in Grand Rapids asked after a farmer in Dowling found acres and acres of his crops flattened in “unusual patterns.”

The National Weather Service said the weather patterns the night before they were found couldn’t have knocked the crops over, and neighbors said they don’t believe anyone could have done it by hand.

Co-Author of “Canadian UFO Report” Has Never Seen a UFO

It sounds like the most textbook definition of irony since Jim Fixx died of a heart attack while jogging, but it’s true.

UFO Author Chris Rutkowski told the Winnipeg Sun he’s never seen a UFO, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

He’s the co-author with Geoff Dittman of “The Canadian UFO Report,” a database that has collected 5,000 Canadian UFO sightings dating back as far as 1663. He still receives reports every year. Last year, he collected over 763 sightings.

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