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Apollo 11 Astronauts May Have Seen UFO

Here’s some of the most shocking UFO news we’ve read in a long while, and I once heard that Cher saw a UFO on the set of “Moonstruck”: the Apollo 11 astronauts may have witnessed an unidentified flying object on their way to landing on the moon.

But did this info come from some lone conspiracy nut who posts anonymous ramblings on a corner of the Internet from his basement? Nope, this came from Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo 11 astronaut himself.

According to a new TV documentary on BBC Channel 5, Aldrin said they reported seeing something but were careful not to talk about because it could have ruined the mission and that space agency heads did their best to cover it up after the mission was over.

Son of Roswell Air Force Pilot Saw Wrecked Craft

Jesse Marcel’s family has a secret and he’s ready to tell it: the Roswell spacecraft was real.

How does he know that? His old man was on the cleanup crew.

Marcel said to that he not only saw part of the mysterious spacecraft that landed in Roswell, he actually held part of it in his hands.

These and other revelations are explored in detail in his new book, “Roswell: It Really Happened” and at the Denver International UFO Symposium.

UFO Photographer Rex Heflin Interviewed

Traffic Investigator Rex Heflin was in Orange County, Calif. on Aug. 3, 1965 with his trusty Polaroid camera photographing some tree limbs for his job. But what he took a picture of that day would change his life forever.

The man caught several photographs of a low flying “hovering” object from his pickup truck. The local newspaper had them printed and eventually caught the attention of military officials from NORAD.

In this video interview on YouTube, he talks about what happened that fateful day, how he lost the pictures and how he mysteriously got them back. You can also see more of his pictures by clicking here.

UFO Hacker Tells What He Found to Wired

Gary McKinnon, better known in press circles as the “UFO Hacker,” told Wired News in a phone interview exactly what he found when he hacked his way into U.S. NASA and military computers in search of UFO proof.

According to the interview, he claims he found all the proof he’ll ever need that governments not only know that UFOs exist, but are using the technology to their own advantage.

He claims he saw unaltered photos of high-resolution satellite images containing images of UFOs that had been airbrushed out before they were released to the public. He also claims governments have suppressed the use of anti-gravity devices, free energy or “zero-point energy” and other “UFO related technologies.”

Of course, it’s possible that all this disclosure about UFO proof is just a rouze for his defense. But you gotta admit, it’s interesting. Read the interview and decide for yourself.

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