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Roswell Invaded…By UFO Aficionados

The 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash passed and the town was invaded.

According to the Associated Press, 35,000 people ascended on the town to commemorate the anniversary of the famed UFO legend.

The festival included live concerts, costumes, a parade and lectures on body snatching and NASA conspiracies. I’m also sure they served funnel cake.

Finally, Some Solid Evidence?

Finally, we’re about to see some solid, hard evidence that UFO exist…or will we?

According to United Press International, organizers of a UFO summit in Charleston, West Virginia claim they have that evidence and will unveil it at their conference the “Flatwoods Monster 55th Anniversary and A Flying Saucer Extravaganza.”

The organizers claims their series of speakers will present the evidence. They even include UFO investigator and nuclear physicist Staton Friedman who still claims Roswell was a huge government coverup.

British UFO Files Opening

That’s right, Great Britain is close to opening it’s so-called “X-Files.”

 According to the Free Internet Press, the Ministry of Defence will open their UFO files to the public for the first time.

A date for the unveiling hasn’t been set, but we’ll keep an open eye for them. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let us know in the comments section below.

McKinnon Faces 70 Years in Prison

Gary McKinnonSince it’s only a matter of time before McKinnon is flown to the U.S. for his trial, just what kind of prison sentence is the UFO Hacker facing?

According to the Canadian, it’s 70 years for hacking into over 97 NASA computers and databases.

McKinnon claims he hacked into government systems in order to find proof of the existence of UFOs and that government agencies have not only been keeping it secret, but also utilizing its technologies without the public’s knowledge. In an interview with the BBC, he claims he read testimonies from 400 expert witnesses who worked as air traffic controllers and military radar operations and he claims they said, “They all said there are UFOs, there are aliens.”

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