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UFO Horse Bones eBay Sale on Hold

images-2.jpgWere you looking to buy the bones of the first horse ever to be mutilated by an alien for the one you love this Christmas? Try a fruitcake.

According to, Frank Duran tried to put the bones of Skippy the Horse on eBay, but the sale was halted after arguments over ownership surfaced.

The bones were discovered in 1967 in Alamosa, Colo. The skin and flesh had been “neatly” removed from the skeletal remains. A UFO sighting at the same time fueled rumors that aliens had done the dirty work.

UFO Researcher Details Spitzbergen UFO Crash

Spitzenbergh crashA UFO researcher tells the story of a UFO that actually crash landed on Earth more than 50 years ago.

BJ Booth tells the story in the American Chronicle. It involves a Shell Oil employee sent to Sweden to investigation a famed UFO known as the “Ghost Rockets” when the UFO crashed in Spitzbergen.

The story details the report on the alleged UFO crash, and the media’s attention (or lack thereof) to the story, most notably journalist Dorothy Kilgallen who claimed that someone in the “upper echelon” on the British government first told her it was a UFO crash.


Atlantis UFOCould the aliens be trying to reach out to NASA?

According to the Reuters News Service, an “unidentified flying object” delayed the landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The first fear was that part of the ship broke off damaging the ship’s ever-critical life support systems and heat shield. NASA Officials also said they found three new bits of debris, but they don’t seem too concerned about them.

UFOlogists Fail to Summon Dead Alien Hottie

Here’s one of the weirder stories we’ve come across on the web and remember, I get paid to read stories on UFOs: a Kamberg Valley community were unable to summon Ayling, the son of local woman Elizabeth Klarer and her alien paramour, Akon, from the planet Meton.

According to a story in the Mail & Guardian online, UFOlogists visited the KwaZulu-Natal’s Kamberg Valley because according to the legend, Klarer claims, “she had been visited and seduced by Akon, a tall Aryan type. In 1956, she says, she spent four months with him on Meton, a planet circling the nearest star to Earth, Alpha Centauri, where she gave birth to a galactic cross-breed.

“Klarer’s account, alongside that of Brazilian Antonio Vilas Boas — who claimed that, in 1957, he was forced aboard a UFO, tested, injected with a serum (Venusian Viagra?) and then rogered by an insatiable, statuesque blonde alien for several hours — is among the most widely quoted by ufologists and alien contactees.”

Excuse me, I need an Advil.

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