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UFO Pilot’s Air Recording Released

No, not the pilot of the UFO. Stupid.

According to Shanghai Daily, a 16-year-old tape of a Chinese pilot who spotted a UFO over Shanghai surfaced.

The story is chocked full of UFO goodies, but here’s the basic description:

“It separated into two, one ball on the upper side and one cube below it. The two objects flew northeast for a while and then they turned to the northwest. They climbed up and disappeared. They came out, and disappeared again.”

Airman Says Roswell Aliens Are Real

A deceased Air Force officer could be the key to not only unlocking the secrets of Roswell, but also of the entire alien conspiracy.

According to FOX News, an affidavit by Lt. Walter Haut released after his death reveals that not only did he see UFO aircract, but also some alien bodies.

Haut actually served as a public-relations officer at the base who also issued the official statements after the infamous crash at the air base. He claims the weather balloon story was total bunk and the military also seized after the crash.

Shanghai Spots Jellyfish UFO

Some people in Shanghai reported seeing a jellyfish shaped UFO over their Japanese skies earlier this week.

According to Shanghai Daily, the reports flooded the local emergency switchboards around 8 p.m. last Monday.

Several witnesses who spoke with the paper described the object as “blue-colored,” “V-shaped” and “hovering” over the area for several minutes. An “expert” said the object was just a night light kite.


It turns out that northeast Ohio is one of the busiest UFO states in the Union.

According to NewsChannel5, there have been 20 sightings in just the last two years.

The Cleveland area also has the most UFO investigators in the world and is home to the Ufology Project, an organization that’s been in the business for the last 54 years.

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