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Author Claims Town’s Residents Were Abducted, Mindwashed

If you live in Grantham, England, chances are you were abducted and you didn’t even know it.

The mind-washing technology made famous in movies like “Men in Black” were used on the residents of Grantham, England after they were all abducted back on Nov. 9, 1965, according to author Anthony Mallin in a story in Grantham Today.

He made this claim in his book, “Asylum – The Definitive UFO and Alien Abduction Experience,” in a story he claims is based on a real person.

Nitrogen, Not H20, Key to Finding E.T.

According to some college professors, the key to finding life on another planet isn’t through water. It’s through nitrogen.

According to a released statement, four USC professors proposed searching for organic nitrogen as a sign of extraterrestrial life in the May 5 issue of Science magazine.

Kenneth Nealson, professor of earth science at USC, said the discovery of nitrogen would be a more telling sign of life because it is not a major element of rocks and minerals and would prove the existence of another form of life that had once existed there.

“If your goal is to search for life, it would be wise to include nitrogen,? Nealson said.

UFOs a Natural Occurance?

Could UFOs be spacecraft from far off planets sent to explore the Earth or take it over for their control or could it just natural forces playing tricks on our minds?

Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense confirmed this week that a report completed almost five years ago called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region” that claims there is no conclusive proof to show that UFO sightings are nothing more than natural phenomenon being mistaken for UFOs.

“No evidence exists to suggest that the phenomena seen are hostile or under any type of control, other than that of natural physical forces,” according to the report in a story published by the Reuters news service. “Evidence suggests that meteors and their well-known effects, and possibly some other less-known effects, are responsible for some unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Could this burst the bubble of conspiracy lovers everywhere? Well, hold on to your butts because we’re not out of Kansas yet, Dorothy. The full 400 page report won’t go public until May 15 when the Ministry of Defense posts it on their web site. Stay tuned to this blog for a Cliffs Notes version of it.

Bigfoot, the Missing Link…to UFOs?

Some people believe that Bigfoot, that big hairy 7-foot plug beast who leaves huge footprints in the dust for hunters to find, could be the missing link to mankind. But to UFOs?

That’s what Bigfoot expert and Michigan Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator Lisa Shiel believes and theorizes in her new lectures and her new book, “Backyard Bigfoot.” (NOTE: Those of you in Burton, Michigan on May 7 can hear those theories at the Walli’s East Restaurant, according to the press release.)

According to her publisher’s website at, she claims Bigfoot as some kind of connection to UFOs, but it doesn’t go into much detail as to exactly what that could be, but she claims in her sample chapter that “UFOs, hairy dwarves, glowing-eyed monsters, mysterious footprints-these phenomena and others play a role in the hairy hominid mystery.” Sounds interesting.

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