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UFO Lands in Kazaakhstan

The land that Borat made known to the world has more going for it than a fake journalist now that a UFO might have landed in their backyard.

According to Interfax, a UFO fell in the Belaya river in the northern region of the country.

Witnesses described it as a shiny flying object. Divers also tried to retrieve the object from the river but they found nothing.

British Government Opening UFO Files

If you’ve ever had thoughts about what the British government thinks about UFOs, you’re in luck.

The Ministry of Defense announced they are making their UFO X-files open to the public, according to the London Telegraph.

There are over 160 files that will be available to the public. The announcement came after a previous MoD director announced a failure to address the issue after his resignation. He said he believed that at least 5 percent of the cases were “highly credible.”

Eisenhower Boarded UFO

If you thought the Dennis Kucinich story was strange, wait until you hear this one.

According to the Canadian National Newspaper, a UFO landed near President Dwight Eisenhower at an Air Force base and Eisenhower actually walked into it.

The story comes from UFO researcher Art Campbell. He claims an ex-airman from the Holloman base in New Mexico told him that in 1955, a UFO landed near Air Force One and a man resembling Eisenhower walked towards the craft, up the craft’s ramp, shook hands with someone inside and entered the ship. He was in the UFO for no more than 45 minutes.

Is CIA Infiltrating UFO Groups?

Chalk this one up in the totally out of left field column. A UFO group leader claims the CIA is sending operatives to monitor them by infiltrating their agency.

According to the Wired Magazine blog Danger Room, writer Gus Russo is saying just that. He told the Wired reporter about the infiltration.

He claims the evidence that proves is in some tasty pudding in the form of the CIA’s Stargate Archives and a senior intelligence office who claim they were worried about UFO groups gaining access to classified materials. Talk about spooky.

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