Report on Flaming Appliances Confirms Alien Activity in Sicily

A new report released by the Italian government has shed some interesting light on the UFO/alien conspiracy.

According to the Telegraph, an Italian government reports revealed that “aliens” are responsible for some unexplained behavior in Sicily.

Three years ago, a village east of Palermo experienced some strange activity. Electrical appliances began smoking and bursting into flames. The report concluded aliens were the cause since they were “caused by a high power electro magnetic emissions which were not man made and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts.”


  1. Jared
    April 22nd, 2008 | 10:46 pm

    Since technically, we are still in the cold war, only heir have been slightly better relations between the US and the SU, there was never a formal peace treaty signed and the SU feels cautious as always of the potential for the US to control more and more military bases in Europe, the fact will never change that Americans were overly controlled by a paranoid fear of spotaneous Russian aggressian by means of atomic weapons. This paranoia was ridiculous in that nothing ever happened for over fifty years, from 1950 through the recent years of 2000. Concluding, would it not be equally possible for a gov’t that knows of alien existence, by default of feeling the need to defend itself whenever they are blamed for knowing something, rather than just leaving the defense to the effects of pause, but neglects the truth to be told to the american people for safety reasons-wouldn’t it be equally possible that the beings that are controlling the ufos are of a plausibly equal threat presently in america and all over the world, since we as a people do not know whether the aliens as a species are potentially dangerous by any means, perhaps some of which we know not of yet, technologically, shouldn’t the people of america and the world be told the truth for their own safety? Is this a time in the world where the paranoid feelings of danger in the past are finally lagging behind what they should be? For all we know, and this is possible, because the gov’t knows secrets- that has been its job since its creation in the late 17th century, and especially since the FBI was induced halfway through the 20th century- we could be in an unconceivable danger at this moment and those who have the power to protect us, the protection we own, we deserve, as our natural rights as citizens, are not safeguarding us from the unknown.

  2. Mason
    May 30th, 2008 | 8:12 pm

    I’m not really here to dispute or even really debate the stuff here.. I’m here just for my own interests. but due to what’s going on in America and the world right now, I have to respond to the last part of Jared’s message.

    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” -Benjamin Franklin

    sadly.. that’s us (Americans)

    we give up liberties constantly for safety.. look around you, what is left for you to do that isn’t restricted in some way for your/others safety? we’re constantly being restricted. sorry.. just had to bring that up.

  3. Mason
    May 30th, 2008 | 8:15 pm

    oh ya, sorry for the double post… it also kinda sounds like it could possibly have been some sort of rare solar-flare that caused this.. if you take what we know about solar flares, and leave room for things that we havn’t been around long enough to experience from them yet, it sounds like this could be a very plausible explanation. Especially since it was only the electronics that were harmed… if people’s hair caught on fire, i’d be a little more skeptical…

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