Missouri UFO Expert Dies

A man who “took a scientific approach to cataloging UFO activity” passed away this week at the age of 80.

UFO Expert Dr. Harley Rutledge, professor of physics at Southeast Missouri State, passed away Monday, June 5 at the Missouri Veterans Home, according to the Missourian.

Rutledge is best known for launching the UFO organization procedure and a book called “Project Identification” that collected hours and hours of footage in the sky to document and analyze UFO activity. It was the first procedure to take a scientific approach to documenting UFO data and footage.

By 1989, he claims to have seen 164 UFOs and collected over 700 photos of UFOs taken by himself or a member of his crew.

“I treat reports of UFOs like bottles of medicine without labels. I can’t use the medicine without the label, but I can put it on the shelf until I get a label for it,” Rutledge said.

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