UFO Horse Bones eBay Sale on Hold

images-2.jpgWere you looking to buy the bones of the first horse ever to be mutilated by an alien for the one you love this Christmas? Try a fruitcake.

According to metro.co.uk, Frank Duran tried to put the bones of Skippy the Horse on eBay, but the sale was halted after arguments over ownership surfaced.

The bones were discovered in 1967 in Alamosa, Colo. The skin and flesh had been “neatly” removed from the skeletal remains. A UFO sighting at the same time fueled rumors that aliens had done the dirty work.


  1. calven
    May 12th, 2007 | 9:54 pm

    no. this is the fact. the dead horse was lying halfway in a crop circle the half that was out of the circle was still on the horses carcus but the half that was in had no flesh or any meat at all.

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