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UFO Hacker to Be Extradited to U.S.

It looks like time is starting to run out for the UFO Hacker. According to, England’s Gary McKinnon has until July 18 to file an appeal on the extradition papers signed by British Home Secretary John Reid that would send him to America to trial. McKinnon faces charges of gaining unauthorized access to American […]

UFO Hacker Tells What He Found to Wired

Gary McKinnon, better known in press circles as the “UFO Hacker,” told Wired News in a phone interview exactly what he found when he hacked his way into U.S. NASA and military computers in search of UFO proof. According to the interview, he claims he found all the proof he’ll ever need that governments not […]

UFO Hacker Interviewed

Gary McKinnon, dubbed as the notorious “UFO Hacker” who hacked into US military and NASA computer databases in search of UFO evidence, appeared in an interview with BBC News today. You can view it online by going here as long as you have the Windows Media Player. Here’s a taste of some of the more […]

UFO Hacker Faces Extradition

A British man that crime computer experts called “the biggest military hack of all time” faces extradition to the US for his crime. How does this relate to UFOs and aliens, oh devoted reader? Well, he claims he was hacking military systems that he was looking for conclusive proof of UFOs and that the government […]

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