Is New Year’s Activity Mistaken for UFOs?

It seems that a lot of the UFOs reported around the first and last day of the year might just be New Year’s celebrations.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the National UFO Reporting Center got a hot bed of reports around the recent New Year’s holiday.

The NURC said they got enough reports in one night to consider following them up with further investigations.

British Government Opening UFO Files

If you’ve ever had thoughts about what the British government thinks about UFOs, you’re in luck.

The Ministry of Defense announced they are making their UFO X-files open to the public, according to the London Telegraph.

There are over 160 files that will be available to the public. The announcement came after a previous MoD director announced a failure to address the issue after his resignation. He said he believed that at least 5 percent of the cases were “highly credible.”

Japanese Govt’s Spokesman Says UFOs Exist

One of the Japanese government’s top cabinet officials said UFOs are real.

According to the Associated Press, Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura told a group of reporters “I definitely believe they exist” in response to a lawmaker who was demanding an inquiry in recent UFO sightings.

The reporters responded with laughter.

NASA Searching for UFO Evidence?

Could it be that the very agency that has been denying that UFOs even exist could have been searching for evidence themselves?

According to the Chicago Tribune, a federal court has ruled that NASA has to turn over all of the paperwork they have on a UFO crash that took place more than 40 years ago.

The paperwork relates to a supposed crash that happened in Pennsylvania in 1965. The government claims the object that fell from a sky was just a meteor but several residents reported a strange smell emanating from the object and military personnel whisked the object away in the cover of night.

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