Air Force Reveals Source of Arkansas Sighting

Usually when UFOs are spotted, the military tries to pass it off as a weather balloon or a new experimental aircraft or a flare. This time, the military backs up their story with proof.

According to World Net Daily, the Air Force showed how a flare used in a training exercise was mistaken for a UFO sighting in Arkansas.

The LUU-2 flare, seen above, deploys a parachute and has the light power of 2 million candles and lasts for five minutes.


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  6. May 12th, 2007 | 1:58 pm

    Yeah-about that UFO in Arkansas being a weather balloon. I happen to be from Little Rock,AR and I have seen stuff up in the sky hear so strange that I cant find any description of it at any UFO website. Does anyone have any idea of any kind of UFO that Looks like a giant glow worm? Thats the strangest(funniest} thing I have ever seen in my life. It happend in Aug.1996 @ 2:00 AM in downtown little Rock. I saw(along with three other people)six of these odd creatures following some small black triangular craft flying not far above tree level. The glow worm ufo’s moved like snakes in the air. I shouted at one of these creatures and it reacted to me as if it was afraid and flew off in the opposite direction. Does anyone know what the Hell it was I saw? Or has anyone heard of such an encounter?

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