Ex Arizona Governor Says He Saw Phoenix Lights

Everybody’s been jumping on the Phoenix Lights phenomenon lately, even the government.

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington told the Associated Press he believes the famous UFO sighting he joked about years ago at a press conference almost 10 years ago was a UFO.

Here’s the exact quote on the subject…”I’m a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don’t know why people would ridicule it.”


  1. April 14th, 2007 | 4:39 pm

    good Joke lol!

  2. April 14th, 2007 | 4:40 pm


  3. willow
    April 26th, 2007 | 9:01 am

    these comments are mean

  4. May 25th, 2007 | 3:35 pm

    This is so obvious that it isn’t real! DA!

  5. May 25th, 2007 | 3:38 pm

    Stop bein so mean guys! OMG!!!

  6. jenny
    July 28th, 2007 | 3:51 am

    I wonder why the person who said “lol” for how many times is here in this website if she doesn’t believe it why are you here man…

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