NARCAP Calls for O’Hare Investigation

Remember that UFO people spotted over O’Hare Airport? Apparently, someone wants the government to investigate it.

According to LiveScience, the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena conducted an investigation of the sighting and found O’Hare as a serious security problem.

They are calling for the U.S. government to investigate the incident “to evaluate whether or not current sensing technologies are adequate to insure against a future incident such as this,” according to the story.


  1. Julie
    August 10th, 2007 | 6:20 pm

    I have a photo from my recent trip to London in June 07. I took a pic of the Eye of London and Big Ben but something caught my attention when I was looking at the photo when I got home. It is what appears to possibly be an alien? It is on the very edge of the rooftop of the Royal Festival Hall. I’ve never believed in aliens before but now… I’m not sure.

  2. Philippe
    September 10th, 2007 | 7:27 pm

    Julie: I also took a photo of the “eye of london” during my stay in england in july 06. On my photo I can see two “ufos” which have the same shape (very particular shape) . Since that, i am looking for comments on google referring to “eye of london … ufo ” “ufo … london 2006” “ufo shapes” etc…
    So: Can you describe the shape of “your” ufos please, After I will tell you if it is what I also saw. (I still have the photos)

    P.S (If you are french): julie, ca m’arrangerai que tu sois FRANCAISE lol.

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