Not a UFO Over Pittsburgh, So What Is It?

Attention, Pittsburgh: that thing you saw in the sky the other night? It wasn’t a UFO.

According to WTAE, the unidentified flying object seen in the Pittsburgh skies was not a UFO, but several agencies are in dispute over what it actually was.

Dozens of people reported the shower to local police and news stations. The National Weather Service said they thought it was part of the Gemini Meteor Shower that occured a week before the sighting, and NASA said it was a rocket launched from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.


  1. Christian Macé
    December 18th, 2006 | 3:19 am


    My recent article about stranges UFOs : a case in Canada !

    Christian Macé
    French Riviera

  2. carrlyn
    December 19th, 2006 | 4:05 pm

    hey those sitings r all f@#$%* fake. trust me.i know what im talkin bout

  3. kjdshgfaj
    December 19th, 2006 | 4:06 pm

    hey yall. i love daniel maneval.

  4. Rich
    December 23rd, 2006 | 9:36 am

    December 23, 2006 at 7:50 am. While standing in the backyard in Etna/Pittsburgh, I observed 5 objects flying in the sky in a very slow pattern. I noticed a large commercial plane flying over the tree tops moving towards the direction of Shaler which appears to be headed for a landing. This plane was not lit up like the 5 other tiny objects which I’m assuming are about 40,000 feet up. Two of them flew towards the Shaler area and the other 3 were moving towards the downtown Pittsburgh area. None of them seemed to be on the exact same course but were moving in the same direction. I just found it strange since I’ve never observed that many private planes flying in the same area at the same time.

  5. October 29th, 2008 | 12:42 pm

    I did’n’t know people saw anything and that it was documented on the news in 2006! People I saw the spaceship right over my house! As surely as YAHWEH lives, the being who was in the spaceship, it hovered over my trees on October 15 2006. I was implanted early September. I live in Beltzhoover. I began praying in the name YAHWEH, and what started coming forth was Extraterrestial Phenomena. This space ship sat over my home for 30 minutes, and then flew towards Allentown in the clouds. It had lights, it was as big as a large van that was egg shaped. My grandmother and I witnessed it together. Since then I’ve been able to call forth 100’s of UFO’s through contact with them. Get my phone number, my address, my name, whatever…I’ll summon the spaceships and UFOs on cue, YAHWEH willing, to prove without a shadow of a Doubt that YAHWEH is Alive and Well, and I and others like me have demonstratable evidence. You shall be stunned. I learned to summon UFO’s from Prophet YAHWEH. He is the first man to Summon a UFO through prayer for a news broadcast!

    Sincerely yours in YAHWEH Encounters to Come,

    Channing Michael Loftion

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