Sightings in Portland

There’s something unusual in the Portland, Oregon skies.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there have been a flurry of reports about a mysterious flying object seen in the skies over Portland on April 29.

Witnesses said they saw “two groups of brightly lighted objects, seen moving over the downtown area of Portland, where they reportedly hovered briefly, and then disappeared to the south. Shortly after the first sighting, a second formation of similar objects was seen,” according to the web site.

The site couldn’t divulge any further details about the sightings until they receive more reports, but if you have one about this sighting, you can file a report on their hotline at (206-722-3000) or online at


  1. Cindy
    June 20th, 2006 | 3:42 pm

    I just found out yesterday, when I visited NUFORC’s web site, that I am not the only one that saw something strange that night in Portland, Oregon. I had submitted my report to another web site on April 30th, with a drawing. I am a 15 minute drive SE of the area where the objects were first seen. NUFORC seems to have updated their site to include the reports now. I have just submitted my report to NUFORC site as well. I am not sure if what I saw is what they saw because they reported it as RED or amber and saw several. I only saw one and it was more a yellow with orange on the outer edge. In anycase, I am relieved others saw something the same night I did.

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