Tom Petty Wrecks Car Chasing ‘UFOs’

This one can’t be a fake. No wait, nagging doubted activated, no “stranger than fiction” alert cancelled it out. This one can’t be a fake.

Tom Petty from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers has vowed never to drive again after wrecking his car while chasing what he thought were UFOs after Adam Sandler’s wedding, according to the World & Entertainment News Network.

Sandler sent up some weather baloons at his wedding to keep the paparazzi at bay when Petty saw “three enormous silver balls floating in the sky.” He got in his car and chased them down thinking they were UFOs. When he reached the balloons, he realized his mistake and attempted to turn the car around wrecking his car in the process and almost killing to people. Petty has sworn off driving ever since.

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