UFO Spotted at Air Show

Maybe it was trying to join the competition?

According to UFO Digest, a photographer spotted an unidentified flying object at the Mt. Comfort Air Show last month as he was taking shots of an A10 streaking across the sky.

The photographer, Matt Ray, said it couldn’t have been another plane since no other aircraft was scheduled to fly at the time he took the photo.


  1. Christian Macé
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    I have just received this very interesting article of the Friend Writer Guy Tarade on “the case Eugene Vintras”.
    Following my request, Guy authorizes me with the dispacher…
    Large Thank you with the Friend Guy!
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    Christian Macé
    This Guy Tarade’s article :
    The case Pierre-Michel-Elie Eugene Vintras does not seem to have allured many biographers. Only the large lawyer who was Maître Maurice Garçon devoted him a work in 1928. Before this date, a small opuscule was published into 1897 at the time of the appearances of Tilly, small village located close to Caen, which told the demonstrations which have occurred in the sky of this area the previous years. It had as a title: The Prophet of Tilly, Pierre-Michel-Elie-Eugene Vintras. The author was certain Hab.L. Barn, forgotten well today. Eugene was the true first name of Vintras this miracle-worker who attracted many crowd in Normandy and whose life was at the same time a true novel and a martyr! Eugene was a natural child, born in 1807dans poverty and entrusted to the Found Children. Deprived later of any instruction, married with a woman of her condition with which it had had a son, who was with the beginning of the 21st century to become chief consultant of the French hospital of London. Vintras seems to have been the toy of an unknown intelligence which handled it in a direction that we can describe as negative. Living from day to day of its labour, it worked in a tailor, then became domestic, before founding in association a mill with paper. Regarded as a just man in the spirit of its fellow-citizens, Vintras was however seen, a treated day of swindler, charlatan, exploitor of human credulity, and condemned to five years of prison! All its misfortunes were born from the appearances of which it was gratifié! Prophet in spite of him, Saint-Joseph, the Michaelmas and Jesus-Christ himself “chaired” his vocation and raised it very high in spirituality and divine comprehension. The Virgin appeared to him, vêtue of blue and white, and took it under its protection. Its words inspired upset crowd with such title, that the baron and the baroness of Razac lent to him the vault of their castle of Sainte-Paix. Many crowd ran to see and hear this illuminated which could speak so well about the sky. The Chavoz abbot, priest of Mount-Louis, ensured that Vintras profited from a celestial inspiration! INSTRUMENT OF GOD OR THE DEVIL? The Church did not see a good?il this new prophet of the Norman scrap-metal. The communion was refused to him. Gregoire XVI and Magpie IX, condemned it. Louis-Philippe, anxious of his assertions announcing the arrival of a Large Monarch, asked that justice supervise it and continues it! The theses conspirationists, which flower like colchic in spring at our time, were quite real at the 19th century! Eugene Vintras who had received from a Garnier family, of Paris, a sum of three thousand franks, to pay the expenses of impression of sending and free distribution of a booklet entitled quite simply Opuscule, was shown to have swindled and have misled his benefactors! Present at the court, this family answered the president firmly: “It is not Pierre-Michel who asked us for this money:nous spontaneously offered the sum of three thousand franks, it thus filled only our formal intentions. Yes, we believe that there is revelation and we have only veneration and respect for the defendant, far whom we have any reproach to make him! ” The president rétorqua: prophet ” “It is possible that a man receives a revelation, but that two were not it to the same prophet” “Pierre-Michel thus misled you while being made pass for one inspired! ” More serious was the second load retained against inspired. It acted of a breach of trust. Miss Cécile de Cassini (71 years) had come in Tilly to take note of the wonders. She put in deposit at Vintras, a roller of two thousand franks for a voyage and purchases in the South; the remainder of eight hundred franks had remained in the secretary of the prophet. But when the examining magistrate asked for the handing-over of it, it was made that the sum was not… Pierre-Michel there any more had changed it place. Miss Cassini, present at the court, affirmed that its deposit had been returned to him completely, and declared that Mr. Vintras was an extremely estimable and virtuous man. The prophet was condemned after two days of pleas and deliberation to five years of prison and 100 franks of fine. the supreme court of appeal confirmed the stop. From April 12, 1842 to July 13, 1843 Vintras was a prisoner in Caen, then, one transferred it to the central prison from Rennes. WONDERS In its History of the magic, Eliphas Levi proves that it was not unaware of anything the extraordinary wonders carried out by the Norman prophet Tilly-on-Only. Hosts appeared stuck on blue silk, Vintras had sweats of blood and its blood appeared on stuck hosts. Empty chalices filled up wine, where the wine fell, bloodstains appeared! Constant the Louis abbot, writer of famous “the Dogma and Ritual of the high magic” were not extasiait in front of such phenomena, Eliphas had gone very far in the field of the occult one! For him all these events were related so that it named the astral light. However, we must now take again quite particular “miracles” to which our friends ufologists will not remain insensitive. It would undoubtedly be wise to take again all testimonys of the time which evoke that the humble workman of Tilly, become large prophet, announced that the very Marie Blessed Virgin appears one day on the village. This appearance took place on March 18, 1896, at four hours of the afternoon. The Virgin appeared with the eyes of a crowd in extase, on a pink cloud, close to a large thin tree, an elm placed on a hedge. June 26 of the same year, in the evening, one saw a pink cloud planing in the sky and half-opening to let see Marie vêtue of a tight white dress to the size by a spangled blue belt. The inhabitants of Maisoncelles-on Ajon, Vacognes, of Annay-on-Odon, of Couvaudon, Evrecy, of Holy-Honorine-of Fay, were also the witnesses of this demonstration, which wants shows that this vision extended on several kilometers! June 30, July 5, July 22, the Virgin still showed herself in identical forms in various places. LET US PLAY WITH THE NAMES! In 1849, the priest of Tilly named Mr. Lepetit. This last saw of a very bad?il the miracles achieved by Pierre-Michel. It made it expel manu-militari, treating it as an irreligious person, a robber, as a dupor, of scale of the country. The continuation deserves to hold our attention. In 1896, when the Virgin honoured Tilly wishing that prophecies of Vintras are achieved, in particular the exaltation with the worship marial and the worship from Crowned C?ur with Jesus, the owner of the field which it had chosen to appear… named Lepetit, just like the vindicatory priest who had driven out Vintras! This last after much having suffered and having fought for its spiritualistic mission, went to settle in London, before returning to return the last sigh to Lyon, December 8, 1875. It rests still today with the cemetery of Guillotière.

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